Vite with Laravel: Using Vue.js

2021-03-22 #laravel #vite-with-laravel #frontend #build-tools #vue

How to set up Vue.js in Vite with Laravel.

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React for Vue developers

2019-05-20 #react #vue #javascript

For the past three years, I've been using both React and Vue in different projects, ranging from smaller websites to large scale apps.

Last month I wrote a post about why I prefer React over Vue. Shortly after I joined Adam Wathan on Full Stack Radio to talk about React from a Vue developer's perspective.

We covered a lot of ground on the podcast, but most things we talked about could benefit from some code snippets to illustrate their similaraties and differences.

This post is a succinct rundown of most Vue features, and how I would write them with React in 2019 with hooks.

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Full Stack Radio 114: React for Vue developers

2019-05-09 #react #vue #javascript /

I had the honor to be a guest on Full Stack Radio with Adam Wathan.

We talked about why I prefer React over Vue — which I wrote about two weeks ago — and how to implement some patterns that Vue provides out of the box but aren't explicitly available in React. Examples include computed properties, events and slots.

Adam's quote:

In this episode, Adam talks to Sebastian De Deyne about learning React from the perspective of a Vue developer, and how to translate all of the Vue features you're already comfortable with to React code.

Tune in on or on your favorite podcatcher!

Why I prefer React over Vue

2019-04-26 #javascript #react #vue

Vue is the default JavaScript framework for Laravel apps. Being part of the Laravel community, I often get the question why I prefer React, so I've decided to write down a few standout reasons.

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Mo' models mo' problems

2018-08-14 #vue #javascript

One of the best things about Vue templates is the special v-model prop. v-model allows you two quickly map prop getters and setters without breaking unidirectional data flow. Props down, events up.

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Distraction-less user interfaces: Delayed transient states

2018-07-31 #ux #javascript #vue

I have a specific pet peeve with user interfaces: things that draw my attention when they don't need to. In any graphical interface, movement is distraction. Our eyes are naturally drawn to anything in motion.

Motion is a powerful tool. We can abuse this distraction to attract our users to a certain place: a notification, an added list item after a background refresh, etc. Let's look into the movement behind a form submission. Below are three dummy forms, each with a different server response time.

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Vue templates in JSX

2018-05-25 #vue #jsx #javascript

In my most recent project at work, I'm experimenting with JSX templates in Vue. Vue offers first-party support for JSX with near-zero configuration, but it doesn't seem to be commonly used in the ecosystem.

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Using registered event listeners as conditionals in Vue

2017-07-18 #vue #javascript

Today I was writing a form component that needed an optional back button. Since the form component is generic, the back button could point to anything.

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Exposing multiple Vue components as a plugin

2017-06-28 #vue

Quick Vue tip for package authors! If you publish a package that exposes multiple Vue components, you can write a small plugin to install them all at once.

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Dealing with templates in Vue.js 2.0

2016-12-21 #vue #javascript

Vue 2.0 introduced it's own virtual DOM implementation. At first sight, this doesn't seem to have a large effect on the way you write templates.

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