New iPads

Apple iPad Pro M4

New iPads last week. OLED, Finally! Be it a high-resolution monitor with deep blacks or e-ink, screens the most important part of a piece of tech for me. Screens are what we're viewing the world through with these devices. I want a new iPad for it, but I can't get myself to need one.

I'm running a 2018 iPad Pro, the first that dropped the home button and came with a lush 120Hz refresh rate. Incredible how it still feels like a device from the future even without an M chip.

I love my iPad. It's a great device for consuming content of all shapes and sizes. I could probably get a lot of work done on it if I decided to invest in it—just no coding. I use it daily, the size and weight makes easy to throw it around the house with the lightweight Smart Keyboard Folio (my only gripe with last week's upgrade is they discontinued it). Fatih Arslan makes some good points in his hymn for the iPad.

I'm looking forward to the day I'll have a thin, futuristic slice of OLED in my hands. But for now, my 6 year old iPad is just too good.

Technology didn’t have to glow

Technology didn’t have to glow. […] There were devices that simply did what they were for, without demanding attention.

I've always had a soft-spot for e-ink screens. Tom MacWright puts it better than I ever could, we should be the ones demanding attention from technology, not vice-versa.

E-ink newspaper artwork

What a lovely project! Project E-Ink builds a large e-ink display that displays the front page of the newspaper.

I have a strong attraction towards e-ink. I think it's because despite being state of the art technology, e-ink doesn't feel "digital". In the case of this display: it's there, it's connected, but it's static. It's up to date but doesn't grab your attention.