2023-10-24 #svelte

Introducing Svelte by Example

This week, I released Svelte by Example, a tutorial/resource/whatever-you- want-to-call-it introduction to Svelte.

The goal of Svelte by Example is not to turn you into an expert Svelte consultant after reading it through, but to introduce you to the framework's main concepts, and hopefully peak your curiosity and have you dig deeper.

If you've been curious about Svelte but haven't had time to give it a look yet, it's for you!

Keep reading if you want to learn more about how the site is built.

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2023-04-25 #typescript #svelte / dev.to

How the Svelte team uses TypeScript with JSDoc

Rich Harris & the rest of the Svelte team have previously mentioned that they use TypeScript with JSDoc instead of .ts files. That gives TypeScript's safety benefits during development and on CI, without an additional build step.

There are a few nuances to this, Pascal Schilp did a great job reviewing the background and benefits behind this decision.

2023-03-28 #frontend #svelte / www.youtube.com

Rich Harris: 'Rethinking reactivity'

As I roam deeper into Svelte territory, I came across this talk from 2019 by Rich Harris, creator of Svelte.

Rich explains how he arrived at Svelte's reactivity from first principles, swimming against the virtual-DOM stream other frameworks follow.

Despite being from 2019, it's still relevant. Even if you're not into Svelte, it's worth watching as a great standalone talk.

2023-03-21 #svelte

My first experiment with Svelte: Shorthex

For the past few months, I've been experimenting with Svelte & SvelteKit. Svelte peaked my interest because it's a tool molded by the web. A lot of Svelte APIs piggyback on existing web affordances like plain HTML and CSS variables.

Shorthex is a small app to transform 6-digit hex color codes to 3-digit codes. Here's a quick overview of the features of Svelte I enjoyed using.

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