How I take notes: Structure with Now Next Notes

I rely heavily on taking notes. I don't necessarily take notes to refer to in the future, they're part of my thinking process. Writing things down brings clarity and tranquility.

After years of iA Writer I recently switched to Obsidian. But this article isn't about tools—I'll will write about that in the future. Here, I want to talk about structure. How I structure notes isn't tied to a specific piece of hard- or software and can be applied in many contexts.

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Git gud at communication

Another blam on the Thunk blog:

Product Managers, Agile, and other product development processes solve communication problems. If everyone had telepathic powers, those problems would shrink or disappear. The next best thing to telepathy is a team who excels at communication. If your team communicates to bridge these knowledge gaps, your need for PMs and Agile will shrink.

Rocks, pebbles, sand

A product management mindset from Jason Cohen.

If you do little things first, there’s no time for big things.
If do big things first, then you can fill in the smaller things.


It’s not important that every sprint is perfectly balanced between all types of work. It is important that we’re balanced over a period several months, otherwise something important is getting starved. Indeed, it’s often wise to build imbalanced sprints intentionally, because that means greater focus, less context-switching, and therefore getting more quality work done.