Empty states with CSS and the `:only-child` selector

2023-09-28 #css #tailwind #laravel #blade

Here's a quick trick with the :only-child selector to display an empty state in a list.

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Why we use `!important` with Tailwind

2021-04-21 #tailwind #css

Tl;dr: We use !important because it solves annoying specificity issues. Despite being overkill in most situations, we haven't come across any practical drawbacks from globally enabling it.

If you want to learn more about how we came to that conclusion and how CSS specificity works, read on!

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Vite with Laravel: Using Tailwind CSS

2021-03-22 #laravel #vite-with-laravel #frontend #build-tools #tailwind

How to set up Tailwind CSS in Vite with Laravel.

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