Mostly Technical with Sam Selikoff: An introduction to React Server Components

2024-01-12 #react #podcasts /

This podcast episode was a great introduction to React server components. A balanced take—whether you're drinking frontend koolaid or push to backend all the things.

(Mostly Technical has been great lately, Justin Jackson compiled a hilarious Mostly Technical x Seinfeld supercut.)

Design Details: Incremental Correctness with Guillermo Rauch

2018-04-09 #programming #javascript #podcasts /

In a recent Design Details podcast, Guillermo Rauch (@rauchg) shares his thoughts on the web, design, the value of code, type systems, cryptocurrencies and much much more.

I have a lot of respect for Guillermo's philosophies, and what he's building with Zeit. An early quote from the interview (paraphrased):

I've always had this passion for the hyperlink. My whole thesis is everything that has not yet been hyperlinked, will be hyperlinked. If we step back and take that thesis a little further—you look at GitHub and they but a hyperlink on everything. They put a hyperlink on every per-character diff of your codebase. Every line of code. Every changeset. Everything.

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