How to schedule posts on a static Hugo site with Netlify and GitHub Actions

2020-10-08 #netlify #hugo #static-sites #github-actions

If all went well, this post was published automatically. I added the ability to schedule posts on my static blog (built with Hugo). I wrote a short GitHub Action to trigger a build on Netlify every morning.

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Webmentions on a static site with GitHub Actions

2020-03-27 #webmentions #static-sites #github-actions

Last year, I added webmentions to this blog. To recap, webmentions are a web standard to create a network of comments, likes, and reposts between ordinary sites. I set up a account to poll Twitter for webmentions targetting my blog, and I caught them with

Webmentions were fetched with AJAX and rendered at the bottom of each page. There were two things I didn't like about this approach:

After some tinkering, I came up with an alternative: a cron-based GitHub Action that queries for new webmentions. The Action then commits them to my site's repository, so I can access the data with my static site generator, Hugo.

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