2023-07-26 #event-sourcing

Granular events

When building a CRUD interface in an event sourced system, you'll come across the dilemma of how granular your events should be. Should you have a large PostUpdated event, or granular TitleUpdated, ContentUpdated, and AuthorUpdated events?

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2023-06-21 #event-sourcing / www.youtube.com

Event sourcing on PHP Annotated

I had the pleasure to have a conversation with Brent on PHP Annotated about event sourcing.

We talked about event sourcing in general, benefits, difficulties, and how we're using it in production.

2023-06-20 #event-sourcing

Thoughts on event sourcing: Replaying events

When event sourcing, the stream of events is your source of truth where all data is derived from. A promise often made in event sourcing pitches is that you can destroy your data and rebuild (replay) it at any time. In my experience, it's a lot more nuanced than that.

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