How to build a writing habit from Peter Suhm

Peter Suhm shared a beautiful guide on how to build a writing habit. The guide isn't about good writing, or achieving success through publishing your work. It's about the small gains you get and compound from consistent writing for yourself. It's about building a habit, the quality will follow.

This is a guide about writing — not publishing. Publishing is the root of all evil when it comes to writing consistently. Publishing is uncomfortable, at times even scary. How will people judge your words? It’s publishing that causes writer’s block — not writing. It’s what makes writing hard. In the same way that talking is easy but getting up on stage and giving a talk is hard, writing is easy too, but writing something you feel confident enough to publish is hard. When the stakes are low, the writing is easy. Once I realized the key to building a daily writing habit was to separate the process of writing from the goal of publishing, it all clicked for me.

I love the pragmatism. And the goal is up to you be it 100 or 1000 words a day. There's no right or wrong amount of writing, the key is consistency.