Hyper key

2023-03-29 #mac-os

I started using a hyper key on macOS. A hyper key is a single key mapped to Shift + Ctrl + Opt + Cmd. Since this isn't exactly practical to pull off with your fingers, apps don't use this combination for built-in shortcuts. This means you have a layer for custom shortcuts without worrying about clashes.

My hyper key is mapped to Caps Lock. I actually already use caps lock as an escape key. Less travel than reaching for Esc with your pinky! Thanks to Karabiner Elements and Brett Terpstra's guide I was able to remap it as Esc and a hyper key.

When I give Caps Lock a short tap, it functions as Esc. If I hold it and press another key, it functions as a hyper key, Shift + Ctrl + Opt + Cmd.

I still have a lot of room to map to, but for now I'm using my hyper key for a few global application shortcuts like Quick Entry in Things. In the future, I'm planning to map more Raycast commands too.