Welcome to my /uses page! This isn't meant to be a complete list of everything I touch on a daily basis, but a spotlight of the tools I enjoy using most.

My desk in 2022


Laptop MacBook Pro M1 2020
Stand Rain Design mStand
Speakers Bose Companion 2 Series II speakers
Monitor LG 27MU67
Keyboard Keychron Q1 w/ Phantom Red switches
Mouse Logitech MX Master
Mic Shure MV7
Studio arm Rode PSA1
Headphones AIAIAI TMA-2
Desk Fully Jarvis w/ custom rubberwood top
Chair Herman Miller Aeron
Light Mr. Wattson


My current IDE of choice is PhpStorm. I've been predominantly writing PHP you can't beat PhpStorm when it comes to navigating and refactoring a large codebase.

Taking autocompletion and other IDE features out of the picture, Sublime Text is still my favorite editor. Its snappiness and multi-cursor options make it feel very natural, and it supports anything you throw at it regardless of format or size. I use a GitHub light theme in both editors.


My main browser is Safari. I value its low footprint and sync with my other devices, despite being the weakest of the bunch when it comes to devtools. When I occasionally need more advanced tooling, I switch to Chrome.

I use Things to manage tasks that are time-sensitive or need a reminder. I tend to store more information in note-taking apps. iA Writer has always been a staple for writing and note-taking.

I also want to mention Excalidraw. I do a lot of UX & product design work, and Excalidraw has been my tool of choice to mock up interfaces or create diagrams to clarify specs & documentation.

Reading, learning, leisure

On my Mac & phone I use Reeder. It's one of those Mac apps that has craft oozing out of it. It's tied to my Instapaper & Feedbin accounts. I use Feedbin over a free RSS aggregator because it has great email integration for newsletters. Instapaper is my read it later tool of choice because of its Kindle integration, where I do most reading.

I store bookmarks in Pinboard. It's a fast, simple product that has just the amount of features I need. Another daily driver is Tweetbot which I use on my Mac & phone to browse Twitter.

More setups across the web

Some other people's setups and uses pages that inspired me in the past or for the future.

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