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Rsync is a command line tool to copy files between different hosts.

rsync -a <source> <destination>

The -a flag ensures everything’s copied recursively, ensures permissions are copied correctly, an other things.

Copy a directory from a remote server to your machine:

rsync -av public/media

By suffixing the source directory with /, its contets are placed inside the destination directory. Otherwhise you’d end up with public/media/media.

Unix things I always forget

This series is an attempt to document the Unix commands I know, and the ones I occasionally need.

Follow along, and you might learn some tricks along the way! Consider this series a living document that will grow organically; I won’t be updating or adding new posts on a set schedule.

  1. Introduction
  2. Listing directories
  3. Zipping
  4. Rsync
  5. Finding files (by filename)
  6. Finding files (by content)
  7. Permissions


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Unix things I always forget