2023-11-20 #programming #tools / github.com

Flexoki: my new favorite calm color scheme

I love this warm color scheme from Steph Ango (kepano, CEO of Obsidian) based on printing inks and warm paper. It's my new default theme in Sublime Text—which is still my preferred editor when I'm not slogging through large PHP codebases.

Screenshot of Flexoki in Sublime Text

2023-08-01 #tools / dnsrecords.io


A few years ago we built a tiny web tool to view a site's DNS records. I still use it on a regular basis when I need to do a quick lookup.

Some cool tidbits:

Screenshot of dnsrecords.io with spatie.be DNS records

2021-04-16 #tools

File watching with chokidar

File watchers are powerful tools. We take them for granted because they're often baked in, like Webpack rebuilding when you save a file.

Sometimes I'm in an environment without auto-reloading to my disposal. Yesterday, I was working on a CLI tool. The workflow was modify code, save changes, switch to terminal, run the tool, and look at the output. It's not that bad, but I'd prefer a shorter feedback loop.

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