2023-11-02 #technology / macwright.com

Technology didn’t have to glow

Technology didn’t have to glow. […] There were devices that simply did what they were for, without demanding attention.

I've always had a soft-spot for e-ink screens. Tom MacWright puts it better than I ever could, we should be the ones demanding attention from technology, not vice-versa.

2023-07-19 #technology / projecteink.com

E-ink newspaper artwork

What a lovely project! Project E-Ink builds a large e-ink display that displays the front page of the newspaper.

I have a strong attraction towards e-ink. I think it's because despite being state of the art technology, e-ink doesn't feel "digital". In the case of this display: it's there, it's connected, but it's static. It's up to date but doesn't grab your attention.