I enjoy speaking at local meetup groups and conferences. I gave my first talk back in 2018 at the unconference track of PHPBenelux, and was honored with their award for best uncon talk. Since then I've frequently spoken at local meetup groups, and will be making my debut on a big stage at Laracon EU in 2019.

My talks are mostly JavaScript related. I'm currently doing a talk about Inertia.js, a JavaScript framework for creating server-driven single page apps. If you're interested in booking me as a speaker at your conference you can send me an email or message me on Twitter.

Have your cake and eat it with Inertia.js

Laracon EU, August 30 2019 - Slides - Demo app

Full Stack Ghent, August 14 2019

One of the harder choices we need to make as web developers in 2019 is how we want to build our app's frontend.

Do we want to stick with Blade for templating? Do we want to build a SPA? SPA's sound cool but then we'll need an API and use some fancy authentication protocol. We still might want a SPA though, since that'd allow us to provide a richer user experience. Decisions are hard!

Let's take a step back. Instead of choosing between the two ends of the spectrum, why not combine them and have the best of both worlds? That's where Inertia.js makes its appearance. Inertia.js is a framework for creating server-driven single page apps. With Inertia.js, we can build an app that keeps business and data concerns on the server, with a JavaScript powered view layer.

In this talk, we'll review the tradeoffs when making a choice between keeping complexity on the server or on the client. Then we'll demonstrate what an app looks like built with Laravel, Vue.js and Inertia.js.

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