Non-reactive data in Alpine.js

Sometimes you want to store data in your Alpine component without wrapping it in a JavaScript proxy (which is how Alpine keeps everything reactive).

For example, third party libraries might have issues when wrapped in a proxy. Chart.js is one of those. If you store a Chart.js instance in Alpine data, the chart will error.

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Composable seeders in Laravel with callOnce

Laravel 9 is fresh out the door, and it contains a small contribution of mine: a new callOnce method for database seeders.

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#laravel #blade

Laravel Blade & View Models

An overview on view models in Laravel

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#mysql #laravel

Using MySQL `order by` while keeping one value at the end

The other day I needed to sort a dataset in MySQL and ensure one value was always at the end. I never fully understood how order by works, so I did some research on how to solve my problem and how order by behaves.

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#laravel #eloquent

Eloquent findOrFail caveats

I use Model::findOrFail a lot in Laravel. Recently, I realized it’s not always the best option.

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#thoughts #monetization

The Monetization Trap

I want to talk about something I’ve been chewing on for a while: the monetization trap.

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Ebb and flow

I’ve been thinking a lot about work-life balance lately. I used to see it as a balancing scale that should remain on the same position at all times. However, I believe a better mental model is to see it as ebb and flow.

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#laravel #php

Use Blink to execute something once and only once

Our Blink package is marketed as a caching solution to memoize data for the duration of a web request. Recently, we came upon another use case for the package: to execute something once and only once.

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#github #documentation

Adding backlinks to a GitHub wiki

Backlinks, or bi-directional liks, are becoming table-stakes for productivity apps since they’ve been popularized by Roam. It’s a simple concept: when you create a link from page A to page B, page B will also reference page A. With traditional hyperlinks, page B wouldn’t know about page A unless you explicitly link it back.

Backlinks allow a graph of knowledge to grow organically. When you create a doc for Orders, and mention Products, a Products page will be created or updated with a backlink. Even when not actively documenting Products, readers can get an idea of what they entail because of the linked references.

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Finding out which ports are in use

Sometimes you want to spin up a process, but the port it wants to bind to is already in use. Or a port isn’t listening to a process as you expected. lsof is a debugging life saver in these situations.

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