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JavaScript, Livewire, and fresh designs


Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few weeks featuring banter about JavaScript, using Livewire for the first time, and fresh designs for Oh Dear and

How much JavaScript do we really need?

I published a new post to gather my thoughts on the current state of JavaScript. Specifically, implementing JavaScript when you’re using a more traditional server side framework.

In short: there’s still no good solution to build interfaces without going full SPA; building a SPA is really hard; everything sucks. Luckily there are some cool outside-of-the-box-thinking tools coming up like LiveView, Livewire and Inertia to hopefully save the (my) day.

Read the full (and more eloquent) version on my blog.

Livewire is awesome!

I finally had an excuse to play with Livewire! Our Spatie site has an open source section with a sortable and filterable overview of all our packages. This was the only part of the site that used Vue, so I decided to swap it with a Livewire component.

Livewire works great, although the first hour was a bit rough. It takes some mental gymnastics to get used to the idea of stateful components on the server, but once I got over that I was coasting.

The PR for the change is publicly available on GitHub (more lines deleted than added, hooray)! Check out our open source page to see the Livewire component in the wild!

Playing with Elm and slaying with TypeScript + React

I woke up with the crazy idea to build an Inertia adapter for Elm. Elm is a functional compiles-to-JavaScript language to build user interfaces. What really makes it interesting is that they guarantee zero runtime errors. Elm is generally used for SPAs, so I though it’d be a cool idea to open up a new road for Elm apps.

I can kind of read Elm, and I kind of understand it’s architecture, but I didn’t have any hands-on experience with it yet. All was going pretty well until I got to a point where the architecture really differs from what I’m used to in React or any other framework: state management. It started to go out of scope for a little weekend experiment, so I’m letting it rest for now.

Speaking of zero runtime errors, the TypeScript + React combo just keeps on impressing me. I needed to refactor a fairly large React component that was getting out of hand. I dove in, broke everything, started to plough through type errors, and surfaced to air five hours later. I reopened my browser and guess what? It was just how I left it! TypeScript make major refactors a joy. It’s so good that it really makes me doubt whether Elm’s worth it, unless you’re looking for a pure functional language.

Status pages for Oh Dear!

I designed and implemented the frontend for Oh Dear!’s new status pages feature. I was aiming for a clean and neutral design, and I’m pretty happy with the result. Check out a live one on

I also wrote a short post on how I implemented their live updates. I wanted to keep things simple by server side rendering with Blade, so I wrote a 20 LOC vanilla script to fetch fresh data every 30 seconds. newsletter

I gave Freek’s blog a fresh coat of paint back in June. I promised him I’d style his newsletter too, but since coding HTML emails doesn’t really fit my definition of fun, I knew it was gonna take a loooong time for me to beat procrastination.

Three months later, beat it I did! Freek’s next issue will have a fresh style matching his blog. I used Maizzle to build a static HTML file, which I sent over to Freek to make dynamic. I chose Maizzle because it allows me to use Tailwind, but unfortunately I still had to nest a gazillion tables to get the job done.

On the horizon

A few things I’m planning to work on the coming few weeks;

I’m working on a post that does a high-level comparison between Inertia and Livewire. I’ve seen people struggling between deciding which would be a better fit, so I hope my post can help out with that decision. I also have a lot of practical Inertia post ideas, like dealing with routing and authorisation. Besides posts, I have a few quality of life improvement feature ideas for Inertia that I hope to experiment with soon.

On the Spatie front, I have two packages that are close to a 1.0 release: laravel-mix-preload and laravel-export. I want to push out a stable release so I can finally scratch those from my todo list.

Until the next issue,