Sebastian De Deyne
Designer & developer at Spatie

Full Stack Europe 2019 recap

I recently attended the inaugural edition of Full Stack Europe. What a lovely conference it was! I had a great time watching the talks and talking with other attendees, and came home with a lot of food for thought. Here are a few tweet-sized reviews of my favorite talks.

The talks were recorded but aren’t available yet. I’ll update this post with video links when they are.

Caleb Porzio: Write Less JS

Caleb coined the term “server fetched partials” (fetching HTML from the server through AJAX like Turbolinks / PJAX). Caleb made a compelling case for writing less JS to reduce our stack’s complexity and make it easier to test things.

Bram Van Damme: JavaScript Yellow (lightning talk)

I’ve seen this talk twice already, but as part of his full-length ESNext proposals talk at meetups. However, as a lightning talk it had more impact. To condense the talk in a single sentence: don’t use hammers for screws. It taught me about the rule of least power.

Konstantin Kudryashov: You might not need __

A deep talk about deferring responsibility towards off-the-shelf solutions to make the stack smaller. Solutions are only as valuable as their effectiveness in solving a real problem. Full stack developers shouldn’t become better, they should make their stacks smaller.

Sara Soueidan: Applied Accessibility: Practical Tips for Building More Accessible Front-Ends

Sara shared a massive amount of accessibility knowledge condensed in a 40 minute talk.

Mattias Geniar: Debugging php,ruby,anything as a Linux sysadmin

A few cool Linux tricks to debug server issues. strace looks super interesting, going to have to remember that one. Check out his article on the same topic to get going.

Jeremy Keith: Building

A beautiful parallel between the web, buildings and pace layers. After this talk, I left the building with a newfound love for what the web is.

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