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Want to view a single image on @imgur (literally its only job)? Good luck! You gotta successfully download (354KB) and run (1.21MB) of client-side React in order to get your image requested as resource 110 of 553. What should have been an IMG element became… this.

@csswizardry - and don't forget to look at the visualization

This is ridiculous. Things like this don't even make me any mad anymore, they disappoint.

To make things worse, a large portion of the replies try to justify everything with “but business decisions…".


We can do better. We should do better.

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  • Photo of Tom Witkowski Tom Witkowski 2019-10-22

    One of my goals for my new website. I want to stay with vanilla JS and atm the only library I would use is image lazy loading. If there would be an async/defer attribute for images this would be awesome!